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After 5 years studying advanced MLB statistics and programming algorithms, with the help of advanced software developers, we finally hit the jackpot!

At last! A product that gives you advanced betting analysis based on in depth match-up details for every game on the board. If you are pressed for time, you can get a smart edge with a quick glance of a page.

A Dream Come True for Professional Baseball Bettors and Self-Handicappers

The #1 Baseball Betting System is back and stronger than ever.  With the most advanced projections on the market, we are your secret cheat sheet to success!

If you are busy and just want a quick edge for your bets, Crunch '14 has you covered. If you want more detail as a self-handicapper, or professional MLB handicapper, you can dig deeper into each match-up.

Use MLB Sabermetrics to WIN

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The Basewinner Line - Coming Soon!

The Basewinner line give you the ultimate betting advantage. Using our proprietary system, the Basewinner line calculates what the 'true line' should be for each game based on advanced stats like Base Runs (BsR), Defense Independent Pitching (DIPS), Advanced Fielding Numbers and more. You can quickly scan the Basewinner line compared to the Vegas line and immediately spot the value!

Advanced 'Inside the Game' Projections - Coming Soon!

Starting Pitcher Ratings

Included are the usage ratings of xIP and expected Batters Faced for each game. Each starting pitcher’s talent is also analyzed under run rating, BB rating, strikeout rating, and groundball & fly ball ratings. Other unique identifiers are also shown. These include location frequency ratings, pitch velocity, velocity tier and pitch mix based on a simple formula that allows for a quick, easy to understand comparison.

Relief Ratings and Team Fielding Numbers

These are based on weighted statistics from each teams projected relievers for the day. Expected reliever projections are unique for each starting pitcher.  These ratings are integrated with the starting pitching and team fielding rating to develop the team defensive number.

Individual Player Ratings

Each individual is rated in several offensive categories relevant to the day’s game. These ratings include run production, BB rating, strikeout rating, and groundball & fly ball ratings. They are adjusted for the projected plate appearances for each player, along with the specific percentage of anticipated at bats versus right-handed and left-handed pitching.

Individual Crunch Numbers

The individual crunch numbers are developed based on each player’s individual ratings and the ratings of the day’s opponent. Each offensive player’s specific attributes are crunched with their opponent's defensive ratings and projected usage. The result is a specific individual player calculation that is then adjusted for the Home Plate umpire factors and handedness park factors.

Who is the Basewinner?

#1 MLB Handicapper

Hi, my name is Mark Borchard. I am known in the industry as ‘Basewinner’. Thank you for visiting our website.

I am 44 years old, with a background in Economics. I have spent about 1,500 hours+ annually for the past 10 years analyzing individual MLB games and developing predictive data sets.

My first baseball bet was made during the 1990 World Series. I bet on the A’s in all four games as heavy favorites. They were swept and I was smoked. My quest for a better predictive system began.

Since that time, I have learned the hard way many of the pitfalls of this industry. I signed up as a client with several scam artists early on in my betting career.

In 2000, I walked out in disgust after working two days at a very well known handicapper's operation. In my mind and before this experience, I thought this individual was legitimate. He had written books and had been a sports analyst at Financial News Network (the predecessor to CNBC).

I was shocked to find out that the operation was simply a boiler room phone bank. The scam was aided by the use of a prominent NFL Hall of Famer's name that the handicapper had permission to promote. There was no handicapping involved at all, good or bad.

This turned out to be eye opening experience for me. I was fired up by what occurred behind the scenes at his operation.

These experiences have motivated me to handicap with detail, concern, determination, accuracy and transparency.

Our team has used my background, a powerful software platform,  trial and error, creativity and hard work to build the Crunch advanced MLB game prediction and player evaluation product. Our software will give you quick access to valuable information that will help your MLB betting and MLB Daily Fantasy pursuits.

I  have been inspired by work of Bill James, David Smyth and Nate Silver. I have further developed their Runs Created and their other MLB advanced projection formulas. Our team has loaded the Crunch software with key statistics, ratings, formulas and hundreds of fields to help you gain an edge in the daily MLB markets.

If you choose to use our product, you will be getting a jump on your competition. You will have daily access to our MLB odds and probability computations for every game on the board. You will also get our selections, our player analysis and the many layers of depth and detail our product has. We look forward to working for you!

-- BaseWinner

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